YES Sifu Dan! I’m 100% Committed To Becoming The Best High-Ticket Coach™ I Can Be, So I Make An Extra $100K (Working A Few Hours A Day), Expand My “Higher-Self,” And Live The Life I Know I Deserve As The Result Of The “Movements” I Inspire!
(And ... I Know By “Going Kaizen”, I Also Unlock Sifu Dan’s 
Dragon Ready Collection™ - $15,000 Value - At Zero Cost)
I’m so glad you finally made it to this webpage because I have a question for you that could be your opportunity of a lifetime...  
Okay, so here it is:

QUESTION: Do you want to discover the closely-guarded secret to becoming a world-class high-ticket (“HT”) business coach without the uncertainty (or guesswork) of “prospecting” for any of your HT Clients?

Keep reading and to make your decision and find out why this private registration page SAVES YOU UP TO $15,000 ... if and ONLY if... you are 1 of the first 15 of my students to say “YES! this month because otherwise, you’ve got to go to the “back of the line.” ☹

After you make your decision and complete this REGISTRATION FORM, you’ll find out from our Support Team if you made it on time, I’ll pay (gift) for your Dragon Ready Collection™ (zero cost to you ... and you can check it out at right now for $15,000) 
(By the way, I’ll know your answer to the question above, if I see you on the “Confirmation Page” of this private registration form because as one of the Founding Fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin used to say: “Well done is better than well said.”
But I’m getting ahead of myself, so first ... please read this carefully: 

BACKSTORY: If you plan on becoming a high-performance, high-income HT Coach, then I can tell you...
The highest achieving HT Coaches are the ones who’ve been coached consistently...

And know the coaching process is about creating “Victors” NOT “Victims” in professional and personal life. 

So if you’re serious (and 100% committed) about becoming a master High-Ticket Coach, then read carefully on what you’re about to learn...

Plus, I’m offering a scholarship to the first five HT Closers (HTC 3.0) to enroll in the HT Coach Certification + Kaizen Coaching™ (see below).

FAIR WARNING: Once all 5 spots are filled this month, all bets are off because I’m funding $20,000 of your tuition with this scholarship.

Here’s how the MATH works if you’re decided right now because I’ll GIFT YOU 24 KAIZEN private coaching sessions + Over 40 DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ trainings at no cost to you!

HT Coach Certification™ (Non-Scholarship Tuition: $10K
Kaizen Coaching™ (Non-Scholarship Tuition: $5K
Dragon Ready Collection™ (Non-Scholarship Tuition: $15K)

So, when you invest just $10K in our HT Coach Certification program, WILL BUY you the additional Kaizen Coaching (24 private 1-to-1 sessions) + the Dragon Ready Collection™ (40+ trainings).  
WHY am I doing this? 
Simply because you’re demonstrating to me that you honor your future and 1-year from now, you’ll barely recognize any of “LOWER-SELF” MONEY ISSUES you may be struggling about right now – LOL! 
When you join HT Coach + Kaizen Coaching, you’ll get the High-Ticket Coaching Certification program, plus a full year of HT Coaching
But, instead of paying full price for Dragon Ready Collection or Kaizen Coaching, you’ll pay $0 because I’m taking responsibility of that bill on your behalf in the form of a scholarship. 

IMPORTANT: This offer is only available to YOU and is NOT transferrable to any friends, colleagues or HTC brothers and sisters.   
And PLEASE ... don’t go bragging to others that you got to take advantage of this SCHOLARSHIP OFFER from Sifu because it may embarrass me a little in front of my other students, and it’s highly likely to make your other brothers and HTC sisters feel bad for not getting the same offer, just like you’re facing right now.  
YOUR $20,000 SCHOLARSHIP: Essentially, you’re getting 24 additional private coaching sessions (12 months’ worth) at NO-COST to you, and on top of that, I’m scooping on truckloads of value with the $15,000 Dragon Ready Collection™ trainings ... compliments of Sifu! 
Can you imagine your potential ROI on the full year of free coaching and access to world-class Dragon Ready Collection™ lessons alone? 
If your ROI is $5,000 per session, and you have 12 FREE coaching sessions, that’s a $60,000 ROI compliments of your Sifu because I know how much you deserve it! 

So, let me ask you another critical question that you’re probably not yet familiar with at this moment...

QUESTION: Which Type Of “DECISION-MAKER” Do You Think (Or Feel) You Are?

 1. Are you an “OR” decision maker...

 2. Are you an “AND” decision maker?

You may be saying to yourself... “HUH?!” 

Well, I don’t blame you if that’s your initial reaction... but let me quickly help you discover this life-altering, critical lesson...

High achievers are “AND” decision makers, and they make decisions from where they want to be.

Because they know what they want AND they’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. They know they can “HAVE IT ALL!

By deciding to combine your HT Coach Certification with Kaizen Coaching is your single fastest, easiest and most reliable way to hit (and exceed) your income goals this year WITHOUT forcing you to spend a single penny more on marketing or advertising costs...  
... Again, all of this is courtesy of your Sifu. 
This HT Coach Combo SPECIAL OFFER puts your personal and professional growth into hyper-growth mode, and that’s why this opportunity is NOT for the indecisive. 
So, if you’re ready to “pull-the-trigger” and not only reach, but EXCEED your “Universe-given” potential as part of our HT Coaching family once-and-for-all, then you know what to do below ;-)

See You Inside,
PS: As you’ll see when you scroll down this REGISTRATION PAGE, I’ve even decided to become the BANK and give your access to a 10-day payment plan without charging you a single dime in finance fees! 
Let’s do this! This is YOUR TIME ... and your time is NOW!  
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    High Ticket Coach™

    Exclusively For HTC Only:
    Get started as a High-Ticket Coach™ with a one-time payment or 3 monthly payments:
    Item Price
    $5,000 Today, $5,000 10 Days After
    $4,000 x 3
    Here's what you'll get:
    • ​The 90-Day High Ticket Coach™ Certification Program - On July 12th you will get an on demand curriculum of classes from Alex Mandossian in your Members Area. This master trainer and coach has generated Coach Alex nearly $417 million in sales for his students, clients and joint venture partners. You will also get bi-weekly Live Classes with Alex (starting on Mid November), walking you through the complete High Ticket Coach™ curriculum, step by step (Value - $10,000)
    • A Professional Certificate will be mailed to you upon graduation - Display this on your office wall to show your credentials as a Certified High Ticket Coach™ (Value: Priceless)
    • A Digital Badge you can display on social media for credibility and credentials - Trust is more important today than ever. When people see your High Ticket Coach™ digital badge they’ll instantly recognize you as a trusted expert and authority (Value: Priceless)
    • The High Ticket Coach™ Playbook - Everything you need to master the skills of a High Ticket Coach™ in one place (Value: $3,000)
    • High Ticket Coach™ Slack Member Group - The road to success can be a lonely road. But with this Slack group, you can surround yourself with people who are on the same journey as you, get assistance, and hone your skills as a High Ticket Coach™. (Value: Priceless)
    • ​Potential opportunities to start practicing your coaching skills immediately - As a Certified High Ticket Coach™ you’ll have the opportunity to offer coaching sessions to our students in our High Ticket Closer™ program and earn money immediately (Value: Priceless)
    • ​30 One-on-One Biweekly Coaching Sessions with a Certified High Ticket Coach™ - Sifu Dan has handpicked his best closers and trained them to become High-Ticket Coaches™. Your coaching sessions will run every two weeks, and your coach will work with you on anything you learned in HTC you didn’t fully understand (plus the additional modules included in this offer). But you won’t just be learning every two weeks. At the end of every session they’ll give you specific things to work on. You’ll be honing your skills in the time between each session, helping you to become Fluent in the skill of High-Ticket Closing in the shortest time possible. (Value: $11,250)
    • ​​The All New Accountability Partner Program - In addition to your Certified High Ticket Coach™, you’ll be paired with Accountability Partners, which will change every 5 weeks. Your accountability partners will hold you accountable throughout the entire year, role play with you, and do the drills and practice exercises you get as a member of the annual Coaching Program. You’ll do the same for them. You’ll attend one 10-minute accountability session every weekday throughout the program. (Value: $6,000)
    • ​​The Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Program - To help you become a master closer, you’ll also gain access to 10 Modules of the Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Program, which teaches you unique and high-level closing, prospecting, and appointments setting techniques. As well as world class ascension, and sales management strategies. All of this content will be made available to you, so you and your coach can work through it together. (Value: $5,000)
    The Players Who “Get It” And Take Action Now Will Get These Fast Action Bonuses...
    • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 (Upon Graduation) - Your First Proven Coaching Funnel. We've spent tens of thousands of dollars creating high-ticket sales funnels to pull in leads and clients like clockwork. You get our proven sales funnel so you can start landing your own high-ticket coaching clients. Just plug in this proven funnel to start acquiring your own coaching clients.
    • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 (Upon Graduation) - Coaching Email Sequence to follow up with potential coaching clients - Nothing builds trust and rapport like a powerful email sequence. We give you the exact proven plug-and-play email sequence that will drive new potential coaching clients to register for your closing calls. (Value: $5,000) 
    Total Value: $40,250
     Secure Checkout

    High Ticket Coach™ + Kaizen Coaching

    Exclusively For YOU Only:

    Check out the ADDITIONAL UNEXPECTED BONUS GIFTS you’ll get just for making it this far into this PRIVATE INVITATION page!

    Item Price
    $5,000 Today, $5,000 10 Days After
    $4,000 x 3
    Here's what you'll get:
    • 24 PRIVATE Sessions on DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ Lessons with Your Certified High-Ticket Coach™. You’ll compress decades of business intelligence into 24 sessions with your High-Ticket Coach for the next 6 to 12 months (maximum). 

      Sifu Dan Lok and Master Coach Alex Mandossian specifically designed the DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ curriculum to help you accelerate living into the “KAIZEN” spirit of positive and permanent CHANGE in both your personal and professional life. With over 40 individual trainings, the DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ is your NO-COST BONUS GIFT to get you back in touch with your “HIGH-SELF” and learn how to become a world-class High-Ticket Sales Coach faster, better, and with less human effort. 

      Sold separately and available for purchase at Dan Lok Shop, the DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ is the ideal curriculum specifically designed to make Kaizen Private Coaching improve your coaching skills between each of the 24 sessions for greater FLUENCY as a High-Ticket Coach™ (Value: $15000) 
    • ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER (“AP”) PROGRAM - In addition to your Certified High-Ticket Coach™, you’ll be paired with an Accountability Partner who also learn and earn from DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ curriculum. You and your AP hold each other accountable throughout the 24 private sessions of KAIZEN COACHING™ and do drills to practice and implement the lessons you’ll focus on for the next 12 months. 

      These powerful, yet simple 10-minute accountability sessions are held every weekday (5 days per week) throughout the KAIZEN COACHING™ program. You will switch partners every 5 weeks so you can gain fresh, new perspectives on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. (Value: Priceless)
    • Coach-To-Coach (CTC) Role-Play with other Certified HT Coaches - You’ll get to “role play” with your coach (and other “Certified HT Coaches”) because as Master Coach Alex often says: “Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes permanent!” Work on any strength or weakness you like, but just do it because this KAIZEN COACHING™ opportunity gives you access to the highest bandwidth HT Certified Coaches DAN LOK EDUCATION has to offer. This means your coaching sessions are client driven, not curriculum driven. And that ultimately makes this training world-class and one-of-a-kind. (Value: Priceless) 
    • High-Ticket Coach Playbook™ (Upon Certification) – This is the “Rosetta Stone” of how to master High-Ticket Sales Coaching because it’s fully loaded with sales scripts, resources and templates that save you hundreds of hours of time and energy! Look, when it comes to reaching out to the clients and CLOSING them in a single conversation, this no-nonsense PLAYBOOK is a must and it’s yours as a BONUS just for being part of KAIZEN COACHING™.  

      This unique resource gives you the certain and simple way to close more clients ... faster, better, and with less human effort (you’ve heard that before, but this PLAYBOOK is the real deal!) Imagine having fingertip access to time-proven sales scripts that Master Coach Alex utilized years ago to transform his annual income into a monthly income. Don’t you want in? (Value: $3,000)
    • KAIZEN COACHING™ Slack Member Group - The road to success can be a lonely road, as you know ... but we believe it’s paved with other like-minded CERTIFIED HT COACHES who are in this unique KAIZEN PROGRAM. So, with this Slack group, you can surround yourself with people who are on the same journey, studying the same DRAGON READY COLLECTION™ as you are, and who are getting coached by other HT Coaches who have a lot more “objectivity” than you do! (Value: $1200/Year) 
    • Productivity Secrets™ Training - If you want to finally enjoy the “Maximum Results In Minimum Time” ... then this special BONUS for KAIZEN Members is the perfect remedy for the #1 Silent Assassin all entrepreneurs face: “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome. Look, the less time you waste, the more money you make. Master Coach Alex designed this training in bite-sized, manageable chunks with 21 time-tested productivity tips to achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort. This training is available online, but it’s yours at zero cost once you become a KAIZEN COACHING™ MEMBER (Value: $1,000) 
    • Avatar 2-Part LIVE Intensive – Dear Certified HT Coach ... could anything in your professional life be more important and more critically influential to your wild success toward your next extra $100K than know precisely who your ideal client is and what motivates them to do what they do? Master Coach Alex believes nothing is more important in business and that’s why he makes this training available for KAIZEN MEMBERS only ... are you getting excited?! 

      UNDERSTAND: This bonus 2-part training alone is worth the $5K investment for KAIZEN COACHING™ so be sure you got through this training not just once, but twice ... and share your “BOOMS” with your other brothers and sisters inside the KAIZEN SLACK CHANNEL. If that seems like a super fair exchange, then type-in your credentials on this order page and let’s do this!  

      NOTE: that this exclusive AVATAR TRAINING was once only available to Master Coach Alex’s $100K clients, but by special arrangement with Sifu Dan Lok, you get just for committing to KAIZEN COACHING™ (Value: $2,500) 
    • Million Dollar High-Ticket Client Marketing Funnel (Upon Certification) – This is powered by ClickFunnels™ and the founder, Russell Brunson was once one of Master Coach Alex’s best students! This funnel cost “MCA” over $27,000 to create and it has generated over $150 million for his clients, students and joint venture partners during the past 7 years! 

      The question is: Are you a good enough High-Ticket Coach “RECEIVER” to access and implement this funnel so it can become worthy of the devotion of your future PREMIUM CLIENTS? If your answer is YES ... then stop reading and get started with KAIZEN COACHING™ so we can assign you a PRIVATE HT COACH in the next 7 days. FUN FACT: If you’re not too tech savvy, but you want to use digital marketing to attract boatloads of High-Ticket Client, then this funnel is your opportunity of a lifetime! (Value: $25,000) 
    • Done-For-You Binary Assessment – If you have confidence in DIAGNOSIS then you have confidence in PRESCRIPTION with your clients. No one wants to work with clients they’re not suited to. This proprietary assessment will help you screen your clients so you work with those who have the right attitude, so you can coach them on the critical skills they need to become a 6- or 7-figure High-Ticket Coach! Do NOT share this with other coaches. (Value: $3,500)
    Total Value: $51,200
    Please use the same email address as the one you used to sign up for HTC
    We may need to reach out in the future to confirm certain information (i.e. shipping details)
    Keep an eye out! You may receive something special on your birthday...
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I become an HT Coach (and NOT get left behind), even though I've never done any professional coaching before?
    Of course... in fact, 5 out of 6 (83%) of the current HT Coach Certification Candidates haven’t had any professional coaching experience. Sifu Dan and Coach Alex believe that if you’ve never coached, you’ve got an advantage over other who have coaching experience because you don’t have to “unlearn” any bad habits and you’ll learn the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to make a massive impact on your HTC Clients without any guesswork!
    Can I get ongoing support as an HT Coach Certification Candidate to ensure I pass the Certification Exam with a 100% score?
    Yes! In fact, the HT Coach Certification Exam is an “open book” assessment of what you learn during the 8 life-changing Modules you’ll learn and implement from Sifu Dan and Coach Alex.
    What’s my guaranteed ROI if I invest in HT Coach Certification?
    Frankly, the only guarantee we can genuinely offer is you’ll NEVER see your tuition again! LOL … But seriously, neither we nor any other Coaching Certification program can guarantee an ROI … if others do, they’re being disingenuous because the ROI is exclusively based on your commitment, passion and ability to apply what you learn to close the Learning-Doing Gap.

    And if you do apply what you learn and you prove that your Coaching skills are worthy of your devotion, HT Coaching guarantees to spoon-feed you paid HTC Clients without paying a single penny on advertising or marketing costs. No other Coaching Certification in the world guarantees that. So let’s do this!
    How soon will I start getting access to the HT Coach Certification learning materials?
    You’ll get access to the HT Coach Certification “Onboarding” training, the instant we receive your approved registration. Each one of the 8 Modules has “Pre-Trainings” coupled with “Supplemental Trainings” so that you can become a HT Coach any HTC Client would seek to work with.  

    Additionally, you’ll get all Modules in Video, Audio and Written (enhanced transcript) formats to accommodate visual, auditory and kinesthetic “learning styles.” We bend over backwards to ensure you learn and earn quickly and with the least amount of human effort possible!
    How long does the HT Coach Certification take, and what happens if I don’t finish it in the given time?
    The minimum time frame for the program is 90 days, however, if by chance, other personal or professional commitments get in your way, you have 6 months to complete the HT Coach Certification Exam. 

    If by chance there’s the rare circumstance that you exceed the 6-month window to complete your HT Coach Certification Exam, then you’ll be expected to invest an additional $500 reinstatement fee to cover the inconvenience to Sifu Dan’s Support Team.
    How quickly can I expect to start making money as an HT Certified Coach?
    The minimum time-frame to get your HT Coach Certification is deliberately designed to take 90 days, and you can begin making money as soon as you’re selected to become one of our HT Coaches. 

    Passing examination and completing training doesn’t guarantee your spot as one of Sifu Dan’s coaches … but you’ll know how to coach on your own in your own business.

    But if you get accepted to coach with us, we will pay you above market standard for each session, and some coaches can make up to $5000 USD a month.

    Sounds fair enough, doesn’t it? If you believe it’s fair, then let’s do this!
    Can I switch HT Coach Certification Coaches if I’m not pleased with the way my personal coaching is evolving?
    Yes. You do have one opportunity to switch to another personal HT Coach, with the condition that you tell him/her why you want to switch and you pay a nominal $500 “switching” fee. You’ll be assigned the ideal HT Coach that suits your needs, but Sifu Dan will honor a Coaching “switch” one time during your 12-month private coaching of 24 + 6 sessions.
    How much learning time am I expected to dedicate to HT Coach Certification Training if I hope to become wildly successful?
    Great question! The “M-T-O” (Minimum-Target-Outrageous) amount of time per week are: M = 4 hours, T = 8 hours, and O = 17 hours. Sifu Dan wants you to target the “Target” amount when you start so you’re not overwhelmed.
    What technical know-how do I need to know in order to become a wildly successful (profit-generating) HT Coach?
    If you can navigate Google... If you’re openly willing to learn how to utilize Slack (our HT Coach Community platform)... If you can follow simple directions on how to invoice properly through Hubspot (our CRM platform), then that’s all the technical knowledge you need to earn your Coaching fees!
    What if I want to become an HT Coach, but I can’t start right away because of too many other commitments … is the HT Coach Certification training still an ideal fit for me?
    Of course... You have 6 months to complete the program and you’ll be part of the community of HT Coach brothers and sisters who will support you, even if you decide to sabotage your wild success as professional HT Coach. You have zero excuses NOT to start now.

    Think about it. If not HT Coach Certification, then what will you do instead at this time? If not YOU, then who else will do it in your place? And, if not NOW, then when is the best time to get started. 

    In Sifu Dan’s experience, if you put this off now, you’ll put it off forever and never get to it with dozens of juicy, “lower-self” excuses. Right? But if you decide now and give HT Coach Certification 100% “ALL-IN” commitment, then we believe this program represents your opportunity of a lifetime...

    This is your opportunity to change your personal life, your professional skill sets and your money-generating ability beyond what you ever dreamed possible. So, stop thinking about it and let’s do this!
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